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Coach David Thorpe is the Executive Director of the Pro Training Center at the IMG Academies in Bradenton,Florida. The PTC at IMG offers NBA draft preparation, as well as general training for veterans and college players. The PTC focuses on skill overload training; teaching their clients new skills, then helping them make the transition from executing the new skills in drills to successful performances in games. There is also a strong effort made to improve a players mental approach to the game, developing his confidence and working at balancing his career within his life. Strength and nutrition are also focal points of the training processes, with special attention to helping players "lean out" while improving agility and jumping in game conditions.

Coach Thorpe works with players from the NBA, the European pro leagues, and other rising stars from around the globe. He consults with NBA and college coaches, executives, and scouts.

Graduates of the program include Udonis Haslem(Miami HEAT), Kevin Martin(Sacramento Kings), Orien Greene(Indiana Pacers), Alexander Johnson (Memphis Grizzlies), Loren Woods(Toronto Raptors), and Josh Powell(Indiana Pacers). Martin was the only mid-major player drafted in the first round in 2004, while Greene was the only mid-major player drafted in the 2005 NBA draft.

Married to his wife, Christine, since 1990, they are the parents of twins Maxwell and Rachel.

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