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August 09, 2006



I could not agree more. This team needs more leadership and more people that can: (1) Stop dribble penetration, (2) score points in the 15-20 foot range, and (3) control tempo and lead. Sam Cassell, Kobe (injured), J Kidd would have been great.


The think James was strictly referring to international play. He meant that this was the first time most of these US players had been in a tight international game and that he had been in tight international games a couple years ago. I wouldn't make too much of his comments.

Mike in Seattle

Well DUH LeBron was talking about international play.

Now let's all get together and overreact, shall we?


Geeeeze...common give it a break. Talk about disecting comments. The dudes 21 years old and your harping because he doesn`t appear to be showing leadership to YOU with his quotes. I feel he more then likely spoke candidly about exactly how the team is feeling. Would you rather he lied? Would you rather he just made a comment in the manner you prefered? He had an avergae game where he got away from penatrating and his shot wasn't falling. He still made the basket near the end of the game that helped seal things. I think the thing that scares us all the most is inspite of everything that happened we are feeling insecure with the fact that our mighty US team did not get a 3rd consecutive blowout.

Mr Hood

That should say "took the reins", not "reigns"

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